Prophet Anthony Reid

Neophyte in POME Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Treasure In Heaven:

Master Prophet today I learned that what our dominant divine is thought in our mind is the cause of manifestation on this plane.
We must go within and create as God who is always becoming and expanding in consciousness….Seek the cause (correct divine self consciousness) —we must always thank the source that forms the effect.
You only get what you conceive your self consciousness to be and the world mirror your inner conception of yourself. Always let the world perceive you as
God is a giver and we must operate in the consciousness of God of always realizing our seeds, so we can see our infinite good….what we see with our divine heavenly mind is permanent and no external force can deny its manifestation.

Prophet Anthony Reid

Friday, September 08, 2006


I understand from the Master Prophet teaching that Manifestation has steps. First and foremost we must sow a screaming seed in the Prophet’s Life. Then the Universe open the frame of our Imagination we must see the picture that we desire to manifest, without this second deposit it is a situation of “SPIRITAL IMPRISIONMENT” because there must be a deposit of seed in the Material Realm and a deposit of a thought in the Mind ( Spirit) before the manifestation can be realized. Withdrawal only occurs after a deposit is made.

Prophet Anthony Reid.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Principle of giving by Master Prophet is mastered by me.
We must be aware that Zoe Ministries is the only soil to sow in. We must be blind and sow from all of our Increase because what is sow in Total is what we are worth those seeds are not consumed but are circulated back in our lives. God gives all to gain all so we must operate in the same Principle as God.

Prophet Anthony Reid.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Spirit

The Law of the spirit taught me that spirit is always available to incarnate itself into a body. This reveals that we must be still and trapped and trick spirit into matter and this can only occur by being in oneness with the spirit.

Prophet Anthony Reid.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My name is Prophet Anthony Reid of Guyana South America.
I am a Real Estate Investment Developer and a Realtor.
I am a Retired Banking Executive the holder of a BSc in Management.
I love Serving People but my Main Business is the giving to a Blessing Business.

I met Master Prophet in Guyana in 1999.
He and the company of Prophets have spoken to several hundreds of Prophecies into my life. I am excited about the Prophetic Prophecies I entered P.O.M.E in Feb. 2006.

My purpose on this planet is to play a special part in ensuring the Master Prophet’s Vision is to realized it’s the will of God also I am excited to be at Prophecology once again just be there because the Master Prophet have a word for you that will change your destiny for the best, just show up.

Prophet Anthony Reid, I visited your Blog Site and was impressed with the presentation I can assure you that I am motivated to revisit your site.

I am encouraging all to Visit the Master Prophet Blog site and other Prophet and make your comments.

I am Prophet Anthony Reid congratulating myself first